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"Emilia has been extremly instrumental in my daughter's speech development. My daughter was born with a cleft palate/cleft lip and was not able to communicate at age 2. Emilia started working with my daughter shortly after her second birthday and the changes with her speech have been amazing. My daughter is now 4 years old and communicates so well. I know if we would not have had the wonderful opportunity to have Emilia as our speech therapist, Sophia would have continued to be deficient with her speech. Our family will always be grateful for Emilia"

- Jonni S. (Manlius, NY) 

"My daughter had the pleasure of working with Emilia when she was 4 years old. My daughter loved her and made such quick progress. We live in New Jersey and it was worth the planning and waiting to make the trip to Fayetteville, NY for Emilia's therapy sessions. The evaluation was clear and easy to follow and the home exercises were very helpful."

- Josephine S. (Navesink, NJ) 

"Addison is 4 years old and has been seeing Emilia privately for speech therapy for two and a half years. I decided to add Emilia into Addison's therapy because I wanted to give her an extra push. Emilia has helped give Addison confidence with her speech, word choices, and clarity in her speech, all while making it fun and new every week. Emilia works with the other therapists on her team, each of them collaborating so all her bases are covered. Speech and oral motor control are areas that still work through today, but I'm confident with Emilia on our team. Sky's not the limit for my Addison when there are footprints on the moon."
- Ally D. (North Syracuse, NY) 

"We were amazed over how Emilia could teach David to say the sounds of his letters and to say words. It was possible! Emilia is a very knowledgeable and experienced person in the area of speech-language pathology including feeding, oral placement, and disabilities.

Thank you, Emilia!"

- Linda S. (Liverpool, NY) 

"My 13-year-old son first worked with Emilia when he was 4-6 years old due to difficulties caused by a tongue tie, which led to numerous pronunciation errors. Many years passed. At the end of his 7th-grade year, his teachers sent thank you notes for his end-of-year gifts that all said something similar to, "I hope I will be able to hear you better next year!" When I asked what this was about, he said that his teachers had a hard time hearing him, which he and they attributed partially to face mask (for COVID). However, I also noticed that his confidence had decreased in his ability to succeed in school and when talking to new people. Given his history of speech difficulties, I contacted Emilia right away and asked if she would reevaluate his speech to see if therapy could help. She noticed enunciation issues, and she also pointed out that issues had developed with his facial muscles that impacted his ability to swallow properly and limited his ability to make clear speech sounds. She worked with him on myofascial exercises and integrated pronunciation exercises. She used a variety of creative tools to make this fun, and she was careful not to overload him. He only needed to do about 10-15 minutes per day of exercises. After about six months, his speech and his self-confidence came bouncing back. Our family is very grateful for the ways that Emilia has helped restore his enunciation and his self-confidence, and we would strongly recommend her services to anyone."

- Larissa B. (Manlius, N.Y)

"My relationship with Emilia goes back 28 years ago when we went to speech therapy school together. Emilia has always been at the top of the class both in her knowledge of the material and in her clinical skills. When I was looking for a speech therapist for my daughter Esther, Emilia was undoubtedly my first choice. As I have expected, Emilia was amazing! She taught my daughter how to say the /r/ sound so professionally and easily.  Esther looked forward to the speech sessions and diligently did the homework exercises to please Emilia. Emilia is truly a speech and language pro!! We will always be grateful to her!"

- Inessa P. (Monsey, N.Y.)

"Emilia Del Pino is an amazing professional. Our son was phased out of school district speech therapy at age 5. At age 8, his Mt. Sinai specialist ordered speech therapy, so we consulted our former Upstate feeding therapist, Jill Merrow. Jill highly recommended Emilia and we will be forever grateful.

Upon receiving Emilia’s detailed evaluation of our son, our specialist told us it was the most professional speech report she had ever seen. We are continually impressed with Emilia’s up-to-date, ever-evolving techniques. She is constantly seeking out new ways to help her clients with their speech. She prepares specific exercises for our son to practice at each session. She lists activities for homework so we can keep practicing at home. She is very good with children and knows exactly how to keep them interested and when to give them a break. Three months into our twice-weekly sessions, and we are already hearing improvements in our son’s speech. Emilia Del Pino take speech therapy to the next level!"

- Margaret I. (Dewitt, NY)

"It has been an absolute pleasure working with you. Your services have brought Henry leaps and bounds so far! - Henry's Mom (Camillus, NY)

"My son had been going to speech therapy elsewhere for months without significant advancement. Since time is of the essence in those crucial developmental years, I called Emilia so that she could evaluate him. It turned out that there was another form of therapy that was more suitable for him. She gave us sound advice, and with her direction, he immediately started making profewss. We are very thankful for her intervention and guidance." - Cathy (NJ) 

"Emilia is an amazing provider to collaborate with. We have collaborated on a couple of cases together and can not wait to work on more with her. Whether it is through teletherapy or in person, her passion, knowledge, and her command of working with children make her special."

- Hetal S. (Westchester, NY)

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